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  • Please do remove this stupid funvtion or atleast make an option to disable it. Nobody cares about celebrity serch phrases. Do mot force this sh.t on users

  • Looks like it is really time to move from opera. First you f.-ed up opera mini with the same thing and with ads, now the same fate comes to the original opera browser. I think it is time to use only firefox. There are no words to describe how idiotic changes were made to all the browsers you develop.

  • So there is really nobody else that thinks this feature is annoying as hell????? Everyone likes yellow press news and idiotic recommended gossip subjects...

  • I am considering moving to another Browser. I have used opera for years. I started back on Nokia feature phones and now use it on Android. I also use it on my Mac and PC but flooding my browser with garbage is getting old.
    I have been able to block most of it but now this trending search stuff seems to have no way to remove it.

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