Certificates refused by Opera, accepted by other browsers

  • I am having trouble with certificates in Opera 51: As soon as I use a certificate signed by my custom authority, it gets refused as an "Invalid certificate: Opera cannot verify the identity of the server ... due to a certificate problem". When I tell Opera to "Show certificate", Windows display the certificate as valid, quite correctly because the issuing authority is stored among the trusted root authorities. Internet Explorer, which uses the same certificate storage as Opera, happily accepts the certificate. Firefox will also accept the certificate as soon as I add my custom authority in its list of root authorities. Vivaldi at least displays a slightly more detailed error message ("The server could not prove that it is ...; its security certificate does not specify Subject Alternative Names."), which might explain why Opera complains. Still, as far as I know, SANs are not a mandatory feature of certificates, and while I could create SANs for some certificates, I can't do that for others (and I don't really need it, either, except for Opera). How can I force Opera to accept these certificates? Can I even do that? Thanks.

  • As usual, as soon as I ask the question, I find an answer:

    Now I just need a solution which doesn't involve re-building all the certificates, because some of those I use cannot be rebuilt.

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