Waldorfmusic.com is inaccessible

  • Waldorf Music's web site waldorfmusic.com is inaccessible via Opera lately. A screen message comes up "This page isn’t working / waldorfmusic.com redirected you too many times." This occurs regardless of whether Opera's advertisement blocker is on or off. Chrome and Edge can open waldorfmusic.com at the same time with no change in settings. The computer is running Windows 10 x64, connecting via home wireless to Optimum Online at 100mb/s with AVG security and VPN. I would very much like to know why Opera (which is Chrome at heart) reports too many redirects while Chrome itself has no difficulty. There may be a couple of other sites that evidence this issue but this is the one that comes to mind. I would very much like to see this fixed. Thank you.

  • @gridsleep345 Working here on latest opera stable..


  • Working here, too, again. It's on and off. If I can't get there via Opera I go to Chrome or Edge. It may be a permissions issue in some cross Atlantic server. Unless it becomes a headache the problem is away down my list. Thanks for replying.

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