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Opera Helper frequent disk access

  • What exactly is "Opera Helper"? And what is its intended function? My main hard disk is an SSD but I have three other mechanical hard disks for storing bulk data. I noticed that those other hard disks never spin down even when nothing should be using them. Stranger still, some process accesses every single one of them every few seconds and the sound is annoying me. By running fs_usage I discovered that that process is Opera Helper. What business does Opera Helper have with these other disks? Please explain.

    21:40:47 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk2 0.000030 Opera Helper
    21:40:51 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk2 0.000011 Opera Helper
    21:41:37 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk2 0.000010 Opera Helper
    21:41:45 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk2 0.000010 Opera Helper

    21:42:47 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk3 0.000009 Opera Helper
    21:43:08 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk3 0.000007 Opera Helper
    21:43:35 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk3 0.000007 Opera Helper
    21:43:36 getattrlist /Volumes/Disk3 0.000007 Opera Helper