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Bookmarks importer grayed out but I don't want to import my entire Opera 12 profile

  • I've read through various threads regarding the Bookmarks importer, but I am still not clear what I need to do in my situation: I'm running Opera Next 19 and the Bookmarks bar is enabled; however, the "Bookmark importer" tool is grayed out. Therefore, I am unable to import my Opera 12 bookmarks.

    I read how one can import an entire Opera 12 profile into Opera 15+, but I've made a number of "customizations" to my Opera Next profile since first installing Opera 15, and I do not wish to over-write the entire profile. I simply want to import my Opera 12 bookmarks into Opera Next 19. What can I do?

    For clarity of potential instructions, my 64-bit Opera 12 has the bookmarks stored here:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera x64

    My 64-bit Opera 19 profile is here:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next

    BTW, if possible, I'd prefer not to have to go through Chrome in order to get my bookmarks imported.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  • Hi rilef,

    Thanks very much for the detailed reply! One issue I ran into: Since I already have Opera Next 19 installed, when I re-ran the Opera Next 19 Installer to create a USB version, the Opera Installer has the "Install for" selection grayed out. Thus, I can't create the USB version 😞

    I tried searching the forums for a solution, but I was not successful.

  • Uninstall Opera 19 from Control Panel.

    Note that this does not remove your profile.

  • Pelsala, rilef: Thanks for the replies!

    I tried rilef's suggestion first, and that did the trick 🙂 I now have my Opera 12 bookmarks in Opera Next 19 and I'm a happy camper.

    Thanks again for the assistance. I very much appreciate your efforts.

  • mj1 can u please post what rilef had suggested to u? for some reason i can only 3 see replies in this topic, the two of you and one of Pesala.

    I have an ADR file and an htm saved and i can't import any of them into version 19. :left: :right:

  • FWIW, all of @rilef's postings suddenly disappeared from this forum several weeks ago (other than excerpts other posters had quoted)...

  • spyros78, I wish I could recall all of the details rilef had given me (I will need to perform the same operations on a new computer in the near future). He basically instructed me to do a fresh install onto a flash drive, and import my profile from my Opera 12 installation to my flash drive installation. Once that was done, rilef had stated which directories/files I needed to transfer to my "real" Opera 19 installation. Unfortunately, I don't recall the details 😞 Sorry about that.

    Now to comment on what blackbird71 (the best plane ever, btw) commented: Does anyone know if there are archives of this forum somewhere that may have the complete text?

  • At least some of the forum threads are archived in the Wayback Machine ( }, but I've not been able to get a successful search result there for rilef's postings per se. For whatever reason his posts were deleted from these forums, they appear to be gone for good from here... I doubt Opera keeps "archive" copies of the forums, though they may have some routine periodic server backups that date back a few weeks.

    I first stumbled on the deletion issue when I attempted to direct another user to a URL I'd saved referring to one of rilef's threads that answered a question this other user was asking, only to find the URL dead. That set me off on something of a quest, and I found a couple others of his URL's that were also dead. In one thread, I had been dialoguing with him about a problem solution, and a section of one of his comments that I quoted in response to him still appears if I pull up that thread, but his original post that I quoted from (plus all his other posts there) are gone from the thread. It's like a complete purge has occurred...

    edit to update: In checking his profile page ( ), he's still listed as a member of the Community. But it appears that all his posts prior to 17 December are gone - only 11 are listed, all since then and none since 26 December. I'm guessing the purging may be something he may have done himself for some reason (perhaps major dis-satisfaction with Opera?).