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  • If you're experiencing such a trouble, please welcome to report.

    Now, I have a Yahoo account (for some e-mail).
    I do not check it too often and of recently, I've got to use some proxy, just to be paranoidsure I'm in the clear:)
    I always type "", then the browser or the Yahoo service redirects me appropriately. But not lately.
    Starting yesterday, Both my browsers I use are giving me errors: "can't reach" or such. I didn't try without VPN or Opera Turbo though, nor I checked with "Down for Everyone or just me".
    Do you see the Yahoo service at all available? They stopped executing the redirect I've been accustomed to?

  • With Olde Opera, Vivaldi, and Edge I also get a half-minute or greater delay followed by a "Could not connect to remote server," "This site can't be reached," or "Hmmm... can't reach this page" message. It's also listed as "down" at the "Down for Everyone" site. I also tried the https version of the URL and got similar results. The indications seem to imply that the URL is correct for DNS lookup, but the server at the resulting IP (for Yahoo) is not responding for some reason.

    (And this was ~12 hours after you posted.)

  • @blackbird71 Just now, the same...

    Does anybody have any trouble with other sites?

  • @joshl is working here.
    It redirects to
    Mind you I am in the UK, I don't know if that would make any difference though.

  • Interesting! The site is now working in all my browsers via immediate redirection to If redirection is blocked in Olde Opera, a plain-text message appears on the rendered page: "Document has Moved. Description: The document you requested has moved to a new location. The new location is ""." My guess is that the redirection was not properly working on a reliable basis before (at least for non-UK visiting IPs), and now is.

  • Dave, how are you doing! ☕
    Used your link and it worked, but took quite a few minutes to load at first.

    Bird, it used to work exactly as you described. Then it must have been a glitch of sorts, perhaps they were changing something making some stuff temporarily down/low priority...

  • @joshl
    Yes, I guess so.
    I have several Yahoo e-mail accounts, one of which is through Sky, who use Yahoo for their e-mail.
    Never had any trouble reaching them unless there's a temporary fault, but they have been making a lot of changes in recent months. The log-off dialogue for instance is now completely different from six months ago, and it no longer re-directs you to the Yahoo home page when you log off (which is a good thing!)