First connection is much slower than other browsers

  • When I open Opera and go to one site or more, it takes most than 30 seconds to show the site. After that, it finishes to load all open tabs almost at same time. It feels like it will load sites only once each minute. I don't remember after which version this started, most probably 49-50. It is like it takes too long to reach the DNS, but other browsers do it instantly.

    Is anyone experiencing something like that? Any idea?


    • Opera 50.0.2762.58 (PGO) on Windows 10.
    • Extensions: No difference enabling or disabling them.
    • VPN: No difference using or not.
    • Sites tested: Google, DuckDuckGo, GitHub, Youtube. Facebook...
    • Other browsers tested: Firefox, Edge, Chrome for Android (none of them has this problem, even they are in the same computer or network).
    • Tested with 2 DNS on system configurations.
    • Network speed test ( seems slightly affected, being more effective in Edge and Firefox, than Opera.
  • Yep, same here. I have already reinstalled Opera and started with a brand new Opera profile. Didn't make a difference. I suspect something outside Opera causing Opera stumbling upon it for the first minute or so. After the delay, Opera works perfectly. same issue occurs after resuming from standby.

  • A long time ago, Chromium-based browsers got a change where some of the network stuff wasn't loaded until needed so startup was faster. But, that was a long time ago and you'd see that in Chrome too (on Windows at least).

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