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Opera for android not saving passwords

  • I am using Opera 44.1 on Galaxy S6. When I enter in a password and log into a site, Opera neither stores the password nor asks me if I want to save this password. This is making it near unusable. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to debug?


  • @jphil All sites or a specific one? Which website exactly then? Could be site-specific.

  • @ocirnes Good question -- it's definitely not working for and Washingtonpost, but other sites it does remember and does prompt to save password. Is it possible to "reset" which passwords mobile has asked for, in case I unintentionally clicked "never" when it previously asked to save a password?

  • @jphil Unfortunately it is not possible to reset it for specific sites, you can only reset it in general. Go to "Settings"-->"Clear browsing data"->"Clear saved passwords".
    It will delete all passwords, but also all "don't save"-settings (that's what you wanted).

    I tried Washington Post, I have no problem with saving the password, it takes two or three seconds after logging in, but Opera asks:

  • @ocirnes Thanks for the reply. I reset the data and it does now ask to save the washingtonpost login, but is still doesn't ask to save the NYtimes login. Interestingly, it does ask to save the login for, just not the main site.

  • @jphil Yes, you are right. I tried the NY Times now and I can see the same behaviour -- the cooking site works, but not the main page. It seems to be a bug.

  • This issue has been going on for at least a couple of years. The problem is that Opera does not have a setting to ignore the websites that have the password autosave disabled. For example banks do that for a good reason, but other websites do that too and unfortunately Opera unlike most other browsers do not give the option to override this behavior. This is the main reason why I cannot use Opera exclusively on my phone.

    Devs, if you read this thread, please include an option or a flag to enable password saving on all sites.

  • Same issue on Onhaxu when i try to save the password .. opera neither save password....