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How to change the order of tabs opening

  • After upgrade to 50 stable I have noticed that tabs are being opened in reverse order than it was before.

    Example - having 10 speed dials and opening each to a new tab from the left side. Opera 50 ranks tabs in a way that the first opened tab is actually the last in order, it means from the right to the left. However in Operas below 50 tabs were ranked from the left to the right, it means that the first opened tab was actually the first in order.

    Is there way (hidden setting) how to change the order of tabs opening? The new way of tabs opening doesn't suit me.

  • Agreed, I often open multiple links in the background with Ctrl+left click.

    The new version behavior places page tabs to the right of the source clicked. This feels like an improvement and good way to organize similar tabs.

    When opening multiple pages in background from Speed Dial, Opera does exactly the same; places recent tabs left to right from source.

    Before, new tabs were placed last on the right side.

    Cycle recent tabs enabled, delay loading background tabs unchecked.

    WIN10-64. Opera 50.0.2762.45. Norwegian. HWA On.

  • I would also want to know how to change it back, ive been using opera since way before chromium change and has always as far as i know opened the same way, but there is an extension getting it 80-90% of how it behaved before slightly buggier, but i'd prefer it natively to be able to choose if i'd like this weird backward way or what ive always used.

    extension is called Classic Tabs.
    in options

    1.When opening a tab
    Open all tabs next to the active tab,
    and place consecutive new tabs in order
    2.Open all tabs at the end of the tab bar.

    however you prefer it.
    and can change behavior when you close tab with extension.(if you want).

  • Neither Opera 51 reverted to the old style of the order of tabs opening. Shame.

  • It is finally back as it was in Opera 49<.