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  • One of the features I like about Opera is the Bookmark image preview.
    The problem is that it does not always work.
    I click the bookmark heart.
    The image preview options and the name of the bookmark appear. I tap on the image.
    In the Bookmarks folder this works for some images and not for others.

    Is there any reason for this? Is it a bug? It can't be an individual website as it works for one page on a website, e.g fineartamerica, and other times it does not.

  • It is not the website and it's not the file type as jpeg is the file type for both a page image that works and for a page image that does not work.

    I bought a new mouse with a scroll wheel. My mac mouse's scroll wheel hadn't worked for ages, so I did not know you can zoom in and out on the Bookmark image preview pane.

    For the pages that work you cannot zoom in or out on the image.
    For pages that do not work, it appears you can.

  • @alfo said in Bookmark preview:

    I did not know you can zoom in and out on the Bookmark image preview pane.

    Didn't knew that. 馃槷 馃ぃ
    I've seen that the "default" image cannot be zoomed.

    Which sites gives you problems?
    Do you use the small lateral arrows?

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  • @zalex108

    I don't think the fault lies with a site as the bookmark preview works and doesn't work for the same type of images on the same site.

    For example:
    No Bookmark image for the main pen picture on
    But there is a Bookmark image for the main pen picture on

    You're right. You cannot zoom in and out on an image that has already been bookmarked.
    I've tried various combinations of changing the bookmark's name, hitting 'done' or enter. Clicking the bookmark image, going left and right with the lateral arrows. It's hit and miss.

    I am using the latest version of Opera in Windows 7 Pro,

  • If I understood, it works here.

    Main pen as bookmark thumbnail

    It works also on the default bookmarks view.

    At the other hand, I was referring to the default Opera's bookmark thumbnail, for this site:


  • @zalex108 I am getting a different result after following the exact same procedure for both Bookmarks and Speed dial.


    It might be a Windows 7 compatibility bug.

  • @alfo

    Maybe, you could test it with a Clean profile or with a StandAlone install.

    If still happens, you could report it using the bug report form.