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Restore old passwords from Users/partition backup - possible?

  • Hello,

    I upgraded my PC and reinstalled a fresh Windows 10 and pretty much lost the passphrase/password to the old Opera account. I assumed I'll just reset the password and all will be fine, but I basically lost everything as it required me to "reset sysc data" or something on the website after I changed the passoword.

    Luckily enough I made a rar from the whole Users folder before syncing and also an Acronis backup of the whole OS partition. Is there any way I can recover my stuff, primarily the hundreds of passwords?

    Thank you!

    • As told by @sgunhouse, the older password could be used as a PassPhrasse, but didn't worked for some users.

    If works for you, then you are done.

    • If not, you can try loading the Acronis Bckp and navigate to your user folder/Opera Software/Data and look for LoginData file.

    It could be dumped with this and saved to CSV file, the password for that Windows user machine could be asked to access the passwords, I've used without asking me the pass but will be different scenario.

    Don't know if this option will work because "Windows is not running".

    • If don't work, you can try loading the bckp in a Virtual Machine and repeat Opera Passwords Decryptor steps or:

      • Open Opera.
      • Go to Opera://Flags.
      • Locate Passwords Export/Import option.
      • Go to Opera Settings/Passwords and export them as CSV.
        • Will ask for your Windows user password too.

    Then repeat Flags steps in the newer installation to Import them.


    About the PassPhrasse problem, I don't know about the way on how to handle it.

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  • @zalex108 Thanks for the reply.

    The Decryptor app works on the fresh OS install, but if I try to decode the old LoginData file (just replaced the new one for testing to see how it goes), it will only recover usernames. I am now in the process of converting the TIB file from Acronis to VHD and I will attempt to boot from it, or maybe use it on a VM as a HDD. I do have a feeling that it will require the passphrase and it will only give the usernames again, and while I do suspect what the passphrase was, I am hardly sure about that.

    Thing is, we're on the net, and people are used to be able to recover things they forgot with a simple authentication code sent to their email, or even a 2 step authentication on the phone. There should be no way in hell 100 passwords could disappear in smoke just like that. I relied on the Opera account to remember stuff so I don't have to, outside the essentials. I mean, who would remember 100 passwords, each 10-15 characters, all with numbers and capitals?

    TL;Dr/suggestion: People should be able to recover their stuff if they forget things like the passphrase. once their identity is proven with a confirmation email and so on, they should be able to download/sync/import the passwords.

  • Don't remember to use the Passphrase, but should not be necessary for local passwords, I think it's just for Sync.

    You are right about the needing of a 2 steps authentication method or to use a personal question, don't know if has been suggested, but should exist a warranty to recover your data even forgetting your Passphrase.
    You can search if exists or create a new topic.

    At the other hand,
    take a look at KeePass, despite your browser's choice will keep all your passwords save, even for local machines, routers, ISP's, credit cards data...

    You'll need to remember fewer passwords and it has extensions for browsers and apps for mobile devices - despite they are made from unofficial devs -.