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new to opera. a couple of issues.

  • hi, im fed up with the likes of google spying on me and so i thought i'd give opera a go given that it has a built in free vpn facility.

    it seems to work pretty well as far as i can tell but i'm no geek. great. thanks.

    i dont seem to be able to make my preferred search engine my default engine which seems terribly incongruous with what i perceive to be the ethos of the company.
    i am usually wrong and charge at a brick wall like a raging bull with a hornets nest up his arse only to end up with egg on my face but, and i apologise in advance, i have to say that such a restriction feels to me like you have google's dick stuck up your arse.

    i'm a resourseful chap so i thought well ok i'll make my search engine my home page and when i oped a new tab i'll just press the home button and eject big brother google that way.
    no bloody home button. cant find a home button, forums cant give me a home button, nobody can help me eject big brother.
    to be fair, if they could, he would be a bit of a slack arsed of a big brother.

    anyway rant over, you can get on with door day satisfied in the knowledge that one intransigent old dinosaur incapable of seeing beyond the end of his atrophied dick has been carted off to be hosed down and reprogrammed once again.

    anyway, i'm viago and i'd just like to say hello to the community.