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Blackscreen on starting Opera

  • I've updated Windows 10 to 1709.
    After that I can see only black screen!1_1512973673297_Снимок экрана (59).png 0_1512973673296_Снимок экрана (60).png

    But i can tap on menu, or other highlights.

    I think problem in hardware acceleration.

    What command-line need to start without hardware acceleration?

    Thank you

  • @sk0m0r0kh
    Try "launcher.exe --disable-gpu"

  • @davehawley thank you, after time I've found this command line in chromium list.

  • @sk0m0r0kh
    Did it work?

  • @davehawley yes it works.
    But I need acceleration 😞

  • @sk0m0r0kh
    Do you have extensions installed?
    It's possible that one of them might be causing the problem.
    Try renaming your profile folder to "profile.old" (with Opera closed of course). Run Opera and let it create a new clean profile. If the problem is still there it must be something about your graphics hardware it doesn't like. I assume you have the latest drivers?
    If the problem goes away, close Opera and delete the clean profile folder and rename your original one back to restore your history and bookmarks etc. Then remove each extension until you find the culprit.

  • @sk0m0r0kh If you just experienced a 1709 Windows upgrade before the problem, there's a fair chance that it may have installed a new graphics driver that isn't working right on your system. You might want to check at the graphics card/chip maker's site for their latest driver, whether it predates the Win10 upgrade or not. Microsoft has earned a certain notoriety for issuing faulty driver updates along with their own patches and upgrades. This particular Win10 upgrade has also been reported to cause interference/corruption issues with a variety of application software for some users.

  • @blackbird71
    Good thinking!
    Microsoft has tried to install graphics (and audio) drivers on my system in the past that are way older than those available on the hardware manufacturers' websites!

  • @sk0m0r0kh Same problem here.... Still looking for a fix!

  • @blackbird71 i tried to start opera beta (never user), got a same problem.
    It's opera bag, waiting for a fix.

  • With respect @sk0m0r0kh that doesn't prove it's a bug in Opera!
    It could still be being caused by your graphics drivers.
    Did you check that you do have the latest drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your graphics hardware?

  • @davehawley latest drivers was first, what I did, but it not help.

  • @sk0m0r0kh
    OK, fair enough!
    I do suspect the problem is related to the latest Windows 10 update, but why that would be I have no idea I'm afraid.

  • @sk0m0r0kh I have seen reports in other forums about the 1709 upgrade doing a variety of unpleasant things to application software, as well as creating driver problems. In some cases, shortcuts to certain apps simply have disappeared all over the system; in a few cases, apps have actually disappeared or some of their user account folders have; in some cases, apps have started malfunctioning in some way after the upgrade. Some users have found relief by simply restarting their systems; others have had to uninstall/reinstall the apps; some are still groping for solutions. I'm only guessing, but it may be that Win10 upgrade changes to obscure registry keys or subtle changes to undocumented API's used by certain apps may be involved in these apps issues. At this point, other than trying to reset your Opera profile or trying some of the things just described that have worked for other apps users, I don't know what more to suggest.

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