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Torrent sites help needed

  • ok I am a little worried now because I have been using piratebay for quite sometime but now I get viruses and malware attacks because of which I had to install windows 2 times. This is now getting frustrating!!! I did a research on my own on different torrent websites and a review showed me different categories but the problem is that it also includes piratebay which begs to question, is the list reliable enough? Which sites I can use from that list ?

  • @clayvligon
    I'm afraid that using sites like that inevitably carries a risk of getting unwanted malware on your machine.
    It's a risk you have to be prepared to take if you use them I'm afraid, all you can do is make sure that you have good protection software installed, which will hopefully intercept the unwanted "presents"!

  • @clayvligon A number of users I've known who routinely browse "in harm's way" via Torrent make it a practice to install a quality drive-imaging program and make a solid, reliable, full image of their entire drive on external media (along with a bootable rescue disk). That way, when (not if) they encounter malware problems, they simply 'scrape and rebuild' by reinstalling the entire drive from the known-clean image. With malware, especially that coming down Torrent, one can never be sure when some truly nasty stuff will be involved (including advanced rootkits and mbr infectors), many of which can be really difficult to track down and root out from a system.

    An alternative would be to access Torrent from within a virtual drive on the system and wipe it clean if it gets infected. A drawback with that is that a certain few malware variants have been known to bypass a virtual drive and infect the host system.

  • I bought a cheap laptop specifically for downloading from P2P sites. It's been infected a hundred times, but I never have to panic.

  • being properly proactive you rarely need to worry. i'm always in the torrent sites and twice over 20 plus years i've gotten something i had to fix. even if your security software is set to autoscan items after they're downloaded it's a good practice to rescan them before opening them. as for thepiratebay that is a last resort as far as i'm concerned, and only for tv and movies. blackbird71 makes a good point, and i agree that or something like rollback rx.

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