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I want to add my own default sarch engines

  • I don't trust Google anymore and Bing and Yahoo search engines are terrible, I use two anonymous search engines DuckDuckGo and StartPage (Proxy Google) and I'd like to be able to search with them from omnibox by default, I hope you can add this option in the future, you can even add an otion to disable default search engines protection with a big warning in red and capital letters saying "USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, I DARE YOU", but the option is needed, what I don't need is a Babysitter protecting me from hijacked search engines.

  • what would be nice too is change the speed dial search to another one.

  • You're duplicating what you posted in the Opera Windows forum in the thread Opera 12 vs Opera the Next Functionality. . As i told you there, you can use DuckDuckGo as a default search engine in Opera if you download the Disconnect Search extension, and set it up right. I am not a computer geek and it very easy to set it up. I do it all the time. There are only two things to do in Settings -- select your search engine, and select that you want your search to be from the main address bar. Now THAT IS it!!! I search from the main Opera Address Bar and use DuckDuckGo as a default any time I want. It's easy.

  • No, the post you're referring to was supposed to be an analysis between Opera 12.x Vs Opera Next, now I'm asking the developers to put attention to that detail.

    Lem I already have the Disconnect addon, but it's not what I'm looking for, besides I DON'T WANT TO INSTALL ANYTHING TO CHOOSE WHAT FREAKING SEARCH ENGINE TO USE in my browser, this should be a feature of any browser, by the way, after my attempt number 8 to begin using Opera as my main browser, I say good bye, in fact after this comment I will uninstall both versions, it makes no sense to have them anymore because this browser does not have what I need and since Opera is a fork of Chromium I don't need it to see if my webpages shows correctly anymore, Presto is dead, so let them update their browsers to display modern webpages, so good bye and good luck.

  • @herudae

    Well of course, we'll miss you. Opera is in a state of development. Further down the road, you'll perhaps listen to the still, small voice inside that seems to always tell you to try Opera. You have tried the browser already 8 times. Wow. I think that 9th time will be jackpot/true love :))

  • I agree with herudae that it IS damn annoying that I cannot add duckduckgo as the default search without having to implement the hoaky disconnect workaround.
    Opera devs please bring back this functionality.

  • I think duckduckgo as a default engine in Opera would be good, but that hokey? -- as you call it -- Disconnect workaround seems to working hunkey dorey 🙂 for me. I can search from the main address bar without having to type the d in front of the search query. And if I don't like the results I get, I can switch to Google (in the app) or Bing, or Yahoo, and my search inquiries are concealed. Even the Google search is allegedly 🙂 purportedly, hopefully -- damn, it better be -- much safer.

    But, sethroxx, go post your desire on the Wish list/add ons forum.

  • Lem729 wrote: "Opera is in a state of development."

    Are you sure that's true for the desktop version? (See my thread "Is that it, then?")

    It seems to me as if development of the desktop version has come almost completely to a halt. There have been hardly any new features for quite some time now.


  • I think the bulk of what's needed has to come via extensions. Some may already be out there in the Opera or Chrome stores if you take the time to look and experiment a bit with what is out there. Otherwise you need to lobby for additional extensions to meet the unmet need, more than for an abundance of additional features in Opera 20, because that's not going to happen. The concept has changed for Opera in what should be in a browser, the horse has already left the barn on that, and Opera is not trying to load Opera 20 with the type of features that are in Opera Presto. The effort is to have a lean, fast, minimalist and attractive browser, and for the features to come via extension, either now or in the future. It's a new browser world that we have to navigate in and through.

  • So I installed the "Disconnect Search" extension and set DuckDuckGo as the default as suggested by lem729.

    I must say I am unimpressed. It is unquestionably a second class experience. I've posted screenshots of the difference.



    The idea that accessing DuckDuckGo via this extension is an acceptable substitute for the ability to add and configure duckduckgo (or any custom search engine for that matter) as the default search engine in Opera v20x is laughable.

    The fact that surveillance state whore search providers like Google, Yahoo and Bing get primo treatment while duckduckgo languishes as a sloppy extension workaround is just plain sad.

  • @sethroxx

    My Disconnect search with the words, "test search" looks like your DDG native, not at all like your DDG Disconnect.

    Now when I deactivated Disconnect Search, and did a search from the main address bar with Duck Duck Go (d test search) here's what I got.

    Looks pretty similar to me. I believe that what they are doing is rerouting the search through Disconnect, and making it look as if the search inquiry actually came form Disconnect, so the search inquiry can't be traced to you. I have no idea why you got such a bizarre result. I don't see it at all.

    If you're unsure about disconnect here's more about it. Check the website out. Watch the video. If you have questions about the search, they give a contact email address.
    Go ahead and ask them.

    Now by the way, as long as your happy typing a d in from of your search inquiry in that Address bar, just add DDG as a search engine to Opera, and then you can do all of your searches from the main address bar. Typing a d in front of the search is no big deal. That's all you have to do, if you don't want to do Disconnect Search. I only raised the extension because there are those who do not want to type a "d."

  • Or add a DDG Extension to Opera.

    Then you will get a DDG search bar. There are tons of choices in terms of searching with DDG.

    Finally, on the privacy issue, I certainly don't know that Disconnect Search protects your privacy more than you would be getting from a normal search.. They definitely claim that they do. You have to read what's written about it, and make your own informed decision. Every user assumes the risk :)). I have myself been using the Disconnect Search extension.

  • I agree we need an option to set the default search engine we want. Excluding such a feature in the name of a "security issue" is wrong. There are a lot of ways in which a user can choose to use Opera, or any browser, in an unsecure way if they really want to. Take for example accessing a SSL site with a certificate issue. Opera warns you that this is potentially dangerous, but if you choose to go ahead anyway, you can.

    And that is how it should be. Inform the user, but ultimately let the user be in control. Also think about the fact that all other major browsers provide the option to customize the default search engine. Apparently they all agree that it's an acceptable risk.

    And lem729, thanks for your suggestion about using an extension, but I think your point has been made. Yes, there are some alternatives, but those alternatives have drawbacks that not everyone is willing to accept.

    Regardless of whether this feature is added or not, I think DuckDuckGo should be included in the out-of-the-box selectable default search engines.

  • [Mod edit: comment already posted here and also offtpic as it's about Opera 12.17.]

  • We urgently need a way to delete all the "default search engines" and let us choose our own. This is stupid. Opera never forced us to use their own.

  • I am a Firefox user. My version of Firefox was infected with '' malware. I switched to Opera whilst cleaning my computer of rubbish.

    I am unimpressed by Opera. I would expect the option to choose default search engine to be provided in every professional-quality browser as it is in Firefox. I prefer to use StartPage and DuckDuckGo. After reading posts here, I installed the Disconnect extension. It first demanded money before allowing a free trial. On trial I find Disconnect only offers limited search engines itself, the same search engines as Opera but with the addition of DuckDuckGo. Disconnect does not allow users to add or remove search engines. I find that ridiculous since Disconnect is simply replicating the same limited functionality as Opera itself. I tried contacting Disconnect's developers to give feedback but the email option does not work.

    I want to not just add my own search engines and set them as defaults but to remove all traces of software I consider to be forms of malware - that means removing all traces of Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar corporate spyware from my browser and online experience. I want to add StartPage AND delete Google. Why is that not possible with Opera?

    Opera appears to be more or less a clone of Google's Chrome and as infected with Google as Chrome is. Opera is definitely not for me and never will be until they are more independent.

    The lack of functions and the inability to personalise Opera means it might be suitable for technophobes who want simplicity and don't care if it means loss of choice or privacy. Opera reminds me of Apple's Safari - a dated search engine that simply does not cut it any more. And certainly no longer makes sense after the NSA revelations.

  • Please! Chromium and even Google Chrome let's us make ANY search engine default. What is the reason Opera has disabled this function? Is it due to some advertising deals? All we want is just the Make Default button that must have been removed by Opera developers.... Why?

    Disconnect is not a replacement for default behaviour.

  • It's no use, the 2 man Opera defense force here have decided that all functionality can and should be done through extensions.

  • @stahn, @vyedmic, @gero2000

    The reason Opera limited the default search engines to five was because malware and adware were hijacking people's searches to unsafe sites. Now you can add your engine, but just need to go to the website, right click on the search bar, add the engine to opera, pay attention to the letter(s) that will be associated with a search (change it/them if you're not satisfied) and before a search, use the [letter(s)][space][search query]. With DuckDuckGo, it might just be: "d[space][search query]." All you'd have to remember extra from a normal search DuckDuckGo search is "d [space]." That's not too hard. Now gero2000, you have told us that your version of Firefox was infected with '' malware. 😞 That's awful. And it is exactly the kind of concern that drove Opera to limit the default search engines to 5.

    If you want to avoid having to type the letter, (or the privacy danger that your search is traceable to you), the Disconnect Search extension is an option. Here's a 4 star review of it in PCMag.,2817,2457644,00.asp
    With Disconnect you can do a Search using any of their Search Engines, including DuckDuckGo without the letter(s) and [space]. Now gero2000, you're saying Disconnect largely duplicates the same functionality of searches as Google. The big difference (in addition to the use of two different search engines from what Opera uses as defaults) is that searches are not traceable to you, because they are generally routed through the Disconnect website.
    Now Disconnect has responded to email every time I've written, so you might try again. Not sure why you didn't get a response. Disconnect doesn't demand money. If you want to contribute, you can. But no way do you have to, or are your pressured to.

    On the Disconnect Search itself (using the extension in Opera), the results should be very similar to what you get if you don't go through the extension at all. However, some results may be different, example, if you search for a local restaurant or store, the search engine won't know your location so it won't be able to geographically target the results. Sponsored links (otherwise known as advertisements) might also be different, since the search engine will not be able to target them based on your past browsing behavior or other information they know about you. At the moment, they're working on a problem with DuckDuckGo, because the image feature isn't working. They say they will have it fixed in a few days. So we'll see. (Disconnect's image search is working for Google and Bink)."


    It depends on what functionality you want -- whether an extension is the appropriate vehicle. If it's a feature that benefits a tiny universe of people, it's not unreasonable to look for that feature via extension, and not to expect Opera to spend time and money developing it (and putting it on everyone's browser). Lol, doing that might drive them into bankruptcy. And I say, there's no point destroying the goose that lays the golden egg. I see that you're new to the Opera forum and have only been here a couple of days. Welcome!


    I agree that it would be nice to change the Speed Dial search bar to something other than Google. Still, at least we have the ability to hide the Google search bar on the Speed Dial page if we choose. I would prefer if we could do it, in a more intuitive fashion -- maybe a menu setting that gave us the choice, instead of having to activate Power User Mode, which most people aren't familiar with, absent forum help or an internet search

    1. Option to change default search engine is a must. There's no one relevant reason to force me to use specific search engine(s). Any browser can change this. Oh sorry, any except Opera.

    2. Using keywords = custom search engines is great. But default is here to be used without keywords. And I want to use another search engine as default specified. Now I have to use keyword, and if I forget, I have to use some harsh words :X.

    3. Search is essential for browsing. It should be basic setting. Using extension to change this is nonsense and rocket science. And sure even in Firefox if you want really custom search engines, you have to use extensions. Also crazy. But this setting is available in Chromium, Opera can simply inherit it. They removed it willingly and replaced. I understand it. Sometimes it's better to use some "fork" of development of feature. But please make it user friendly.

    4. From good old times I still remember Opera as innovator. Bringing something new, and better. I could use any search engines in Presto Opera. So why new Opera is willingly removing good features, and forcing us to something? It should be better, not otherwise.