Browser/code injection by Opera's internal ad blocker?

  • Hi,

    after saving a web page on my local disc (via file | save as) a discovered this code (in every web page I tried) just before the </head> - Tag:


    ... starting with:

    <style type="text/css">:root a[href^=""], :root #header + #content > #left > #rlblock_left, :root #\5f _mom_ad_2, :root #rhs_block .mod > .luhb-div > div[data-async-type="updateHotelBookingModule"], :root #\5f _admvnlb_modal_container, :root a[href^=""], :root #MAIN.ShowTopic > .ad, :root #\5f _mom_ad_12, :root #center_col > #main > .dfrd > .mnr-c > .c._oc._zs, ...

    ... and not visible in the source code (viewing within Opera).

    First thought: one of my few add-ons injected this very suspicious code.
    But after disabling the internal ad-block option of Opera, too, this code does not appear any more in my "offline files".

    Therefore this "hidden" code is really caused by the internal ad-block feature of Opera?

    Thanks a lot!

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