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+ button removed from bookmarks bar in Opera Beta 50.0.2762.9

  • Even if we are taking in account that Beta version is not stable version,but is meant for developers and developing process per se is good thing,sometimes there are situations when newest versions are bringing impression that someone is updating browser just out of boredom-without clear understanding what effect it will have on users. Personal taste is taking over and power to make decisions makes developers proud and powerful! Very typical for humans!
    The latest version of Opera brought such a weired change in bookmarks section when the bookmark saving got changed. The question is - for what reason?
    Up to the latest update all worked just fine - there was a + sign on the bookmark bar at the left and whenever one wanted to save the bookmark they just simply clicked on it and - voila!
    In version 50.0.2762.9 (PGO) there were such an 'innovation' made by removing the + sign and the drop down menu was installed at the right side of the bookmark bar insted. As a matter of fact there is nothing wrong with it unless it should work. But it doesn't!
    It is impossible to add a bookmark nor to general bookmarks neither to folders stored in bookmarks. Saved links simply doesn't appear there! It is impossible to find saved links nowhere-not in All Bookmarks,not in Bookmark Bar nor in Imported Bookmarks!
    So,the question is - WHY it is so? What good changes it brings to users? Was it made by having comfort of users in mind or it was made just out of necessity to make a new version of browser because it was time to? It is simply ridiculous!
    I hope that this (rational) criticism will be taken in account and the feature mention above will be changed to older version what was really reliable and easy to use!

  • As far as I know,
    the plus button made that sites as YouTube show up a smallest video size.

  • @zalex108 Maybe! I have different experience with it and it had no nothing to do with YouTube in my case.

  • I frankly find that + annoying as I never use it. Would prefer if it was a removable feature so I can remove it, but others who like it could keep it. Opera 12 was all about that, user preference with ultimate configurability. All that is gone now with the new Opera. I wish there was a set of buttons that could be moved around by users like in old Opera. Including moving of all buttons from sidebar to locations of user choice. I can't remove sidebar because it has a Bookmarks heart button which I can't move on its own to a toolbar. Using "O" menu just takes too damn long to open up a Bookmarks manager...

  • @sunnycloud1758

    You can drag the tab to the bookmarks bar - in case you didn't know it -.

    Those customization habilities are not now in Opera but in Vivaldi.

  • @zalex108 Would be nice if they returned to Opera though. I don't want to use Vivaldi because it's just too primitive for anything useful.

  • @rejzor

    Can't say too much, I've tested for a while and had leave it until some "progress", right now it has Sync also in the latest Snapshot, and as I've seen, many community "addons" in HTML form.

    I have to take some time to reconfigure it again and try how far has come from some months ago.

    If it is not already, it will be the Off-Road browser.


    About the + button, maybe didn't found any solution for the "small video size" problem.

  • @rejzor
    I fully agree with your statement that browser must be configurable and customizable! On what extent - this is different question.