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What is the difference between 12.15 and 12.16? (I'm aware of the changelog, but new bugs ...)

  • I'm asking this question because I've read that 12.16 introduced new bugs (for example: JS/DOM handling).
    AlexeyAsemov: "Personally, I'm staying @ 12.15 (12.16 has some fatal bugs in JS/DOM handling probably introduced with a certain reason) until it's dead"

    Official changelog says:
    - Replaced code signing certificate

    If they only changed the certificate, who made the bugs? Did they try to fix something and made them accidentally or ... ?
    I just hope we didn't get some "Google's gift" with 12.16.

  • I have been using (win) Opera 12.16.1860 since its launch.
    I’m not an expert but I haven’t seen outstanding and new JS/DOM handling bugs in my JS devs.

  • Me too, no problems with 12.16.
    There have been reports of some websites which work in 12.14 not working with 12.15 or 12.16, including some which crash the browser on loading, but of those cited I've only found one that crashed 12.16 on my system.

    (The content's not as iffy as the URL might suggest BTW!)

  • 12.14 is winner here.
    12.15 and 12.16 has a cookies bug, can't show content on a number of web-sites(unlike .14) and more often crashing.

  • P.S.: There is no single reason to use 12.15+ over 12.14

  • My understanding is that Opera 12.16 was simply a reissued version of Opera 12.15 that was done after a penetration of Opera's servers was discovered to have occurred during a short period (a few hours) of availability of the 12.15 version for download. This raised the possibility that some of the certificate signings might have been co-opted during the penetration period, so to head that off, Opera re-issued the version almost immediately as 12.16 with known-good certs. By issuing it as a "new" version, Opera was attempting to assure that any corrupted 12.15 versions would automatically be updated to 12.16, and hence removed from user systems.

    If my understanding is correct, there should be no real differences between 12.15 and 12.16, other than greater assurance the cert-signing is genuine with 12.16.

  • That was exactly my understanding too.