[Feature Request] Threema Web integration

  • Hello,

    could you please integrate Threema Web (https://web.threema.ch) into the side panel? I know several people who use both Threema and Opera and miss this feature.
    It should be very easy to integrate, because it works almost the same as WhatsApp Web.

    Also, a white (light gray) side bar would look very nice, so it would be nice to have an option to get this.


  • @cl0rm
    What is Threema? All I got from following that link was an out-of-focus image.

  • A messenger app similar to WhatsApp, but with focus on privacy and encryption. It may not be that common in other countries, but here in Germany there are quite a few people using it.

    The Threema Web functionality is similar to WA web

  • I am missing this feature too, Opera has integrations for Whats App and Telegram so why not for Threema?

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