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Opera opens news window on shift + clicking on reload button

  • Hallo,
    since I reinstalled windows 10 some days ago Opera opens a new window on clicking on a GUI button while pressing the shift key. It happens on shift + pressing Startpage, Back and Forward and -- thats really gets on nerves -- Reload. I do webdesign and always reload with pressed shift key because to flush the browser cache.

    I deinstalled opera with all user settings and reinstalled it again. The behavior is the same. Where can I disable this? While this bahavior exits, I have to work on Chrome or Firefox. Please help.

    Thanks and bye

  • @fischhase

    This happens to me for some time in Dev and Stable.

    Didn't asked nor searched on forums or blogs to know what happens, but as some help you could use, Shift+F5 as a workaround.

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  • @zalex108 said in Opera opens news window on shift + clicking on reload button:


    Hallo zalex108,

    thanks for your reply. Unfortunately its no solution for me. The Shift+Reload works in all browsers. So it is an automated custom for me and not easy to change, particularly as it worked before -- and should work in the future.

    I could image, that Opery build up the new GUI with standard Web techniques and the shift+click-event therefore behaves like in websites -> Open Link in new window.


  • @fischhase

    I see the same thing. I think someone mucked with the shift-link click which will open in a new window. So now shift clicking anything opens it in a new window. I came here thinking I was doing something wrong, but now I think it is a bug that needs to be reported.