Smooth Scroll doesn't work anymore

  • Have Opera Version 48.0.2685.52 Stable and running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Unity.

    There was a recent Opera update and smooth scrolling stopped working. I have extension SmoothScroll Version 1.5.6 by galambalazs that no longer works. How do you get Smooth Scroll to work again?

  • If you go to


    and enable it (= change whatever it is set to to "enabled"), does it work?

    I hate smooth scrolling, so I keep it disabled through this flag.

  • jimunderscorep,

    Just did what you recommended and set it to "enabled". Then relaunched Opera and smooth scrolling still does not work.

  • Just got Opera 49.0.2725.34 and smooth scrolling doesn't work with that version either with extension SmoothScroll Version 1.5.6 by galambalazs.

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