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  • When I am in the suggestions box, I would like to not be able to create a new topic every time, just enter the suges Let every suggestion be possible with the moderator's response whether or not it will be implemented.

  • @joshl said in Questions and Confusions:

    @amatczak [WHISPER]Those holes are too small anyway, you can't see heck in it. I'll see what it'll look like: most probably it will have to be changed to something less Ayvazovsky and more Malevich... 😞 Like an arse? Well, everybody recognises arse however small the peephole is:crazy:[/WHISPER]

    So I've got a suggestion too.
    Why not we have a possibility to customise certain appearance? For instance, some area(s) of what is shown in comments for the author's ident: some options for the size of the avatar? to show or not the postcount?
    Huh! Why not reintroducing screen names, by the way, then? And the appearance options to show either the username or the screen name? (Well, the point here is that we used to have screen names on My Opera, and the first letters were properly capital - so they were NAMES. Then of course were usernames for the purposes of authentication and navigation. Well, I used to be written "JoshL", so that nobody confused it to address me as "Joshi", for example.) By the way, what does Mark Zuckerberg use so that a screen name in a comment can be hyperlinked? Can it be done here without breaking anything? I'll explain.
    English is deteriorating. In the sense that people start ignoring capital letters, proper punctuation... In this case, we like use @schumacher then our text - instead of the proper English addressing as in the following example:

    Schumacher, please would you mind explaining what you meant by that?

    And well, there is another suggestion that just has ripened.
    Sooner or later, I suggest someone will explain to us users the meaning of all those tools and buttons. The point is, some things seem to appear obvious or understandable, while some other ones aren't so much such if you get what I mean...;)

  • This post is deleted!
  • Popped in to the Lounge to check if there were new threads, noticed a whole bunch of "OperaMail" topics. I suggest they are to be merged into one somehow.

    Dudes, I believe generally it's not a good idea to start a separate topic on each plate in one and the same dinner.
    Well, I presume those bunch were some moved threads from elsewhere, am I right? It'd explain that...
    ... Nope. Just checked it out: by one and the same user on one and the same day.
    I not even bothered to click any of that. To me it looked more like a bot or someone trying to get attention...

  • About the smilies on the forum.

    In the "Activity" section, we have way too many very similar sports pictures, but only a few for music. I'd like to have more, much more for music, even we could split the category into a few: Sports, Music, Business, Leisure. I'd like to see less numbers of similar pictures of different colours but more activities represented.
    playing organ