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  • Like a lot of others I too have been using Opera for a damned long time, back to at least 6 and possibly before. It has been noticeable for some time that it lacked a lot compared to more modern browsers when surfing the net and anyone who has half a brain would see that instead of putting the blinkers on and living in the dark ages. This new version is so much better than the old I fail to see where the problems lay FOR THE AVERAGE HOUSEWIFE OR USER that does not know more than the off button. A few nerds have got their knickers in a knot because it does not have so many toys but those few users will not support a business, it needs a large pool of users who do not understand anything to make the business worthwhile and the average user is what will make it survive not the ten nerds criticising it in these pages.

    I will illustrate what I mean by pointing out that due to Opera's inability to render all sites on the net there was a button made to link straight to Explorer when Opera failed. That is a clearly stupid situation for any browser to link to another one, it admits failure straight away. Yes, a few features are absent but hardly anyone used them apart from a few whingers here who add up to a small part of the user base when it is all said and done. Stay with 12 or move to another browser but don't denigrate a genuine attempt to bring Opera up to date and equal with other browsers. History is all well and good but it is not the future. I will await the outbursts of indignation and whatever else is fired at this post but it won/t change anything.

  • I will await the outbursts of indignation and whatever else is fired at this post but it won/t change anything.

    What is the purpose of this post ? this is an "I like Opera post" and I will await negative comments, This should be called a Continue the war post, I use the new Opera as my main default browser now, but it's just a browser, doesnt do anything different much from any other browser, I like others await improvements to be implimented, this post has no use whatsoever other than to continue the war and is no better than any other Hate opera thread

  • Just the usual insulting flame-bait.

    Those of us who care about Opera understand the need for Opera to render sites correctly, but we still need good tools to work effectively on the Web. Toys like Discover, Stash, and Themes we can manage without. What we want is tab-stacking for organising large numbers of tabs, and the ability to customise shortcuts, mouse gestures, and menus, to configure the browser so that we can work effectively as we used to do.

    It's not too much to ask. Mature users are not getting their knickers in a twist, but neither will they remain silent when things need fixing. It is through patient user feedback that software gets improved, not through ranting and fuming, nor by making do with whatever is offered, or moving to other products.

  • I'll cut this "discussion" here. As @colderwinters points out there's no real sense to your post, but it's doomed to end up in another battle.