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What makes us prefer Opera over the competition?

  • I thought it would be interesting as to why any of us prefer Opera over Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox, Pale Moon, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.

    For starters, these are some of the things that encourage me to use Opera over other browsers, currently:

    -snappier/faster GUI
    -easier on the laptop battery
    -search/copy/conversions on highlighted text
    -snappier/faster speed dial
    -snappier/faster bookmarks
    -page handling seems better--other tabs don't hibernate nearly as fast in Opera as in other browsers, yet Opera seems to handle multiple tabs just fine compared to other browsers. In fact, Opera seems to handle multiple tabs (memory and/or CPU usage) better than other browsers
    -Opera's look is cleaner, more distinct, and more elegant
    -Opera's Personal News is unique and very flexible...great job there--a big separator from other browsers!
    -Opera' tab previews are better than other browsers, by far!

    All that said, I would like Opera to add "double-click to close tab" as Vivaldi has.

  • bolded text@treego this is way too easy.

    starts in a 10th the time of firefox
    loads pages faster than firefox, or chrome
    does eat resources like firefox, or chrome
    can use chrome extensions plus it's own extensions
    hekasoft backup and restore actually works on opera where it doesn't on chrome
    dark theme already builtin
    vpn already builtin

  • I don't use the VPN mode much nor the Turbo mode much at all, but it is indeed nice to have each of these options that other browsers do not have.

    I also neglected to add that Opera does have some nice sidebar extensions that other browsers (outside of Vivaldi) do not have at all. If Opera could get Mobile Facebook working in the sidebar via the Web Panel sidebar extension or through Opera's own sidebar, that would be especially splendid. I have no use for WhatsApp and Telegram, myself--WhatsApp is not even compatible with Windows 7. I don't know anybody using these tools, but I know tons of people using Facebook.

    Finally, one more Opera advantage over other browsers: as chuchkyschild said, it just seems faster at loading pages.

  • I don't need 50 extensions do get it to half functional state like Firefox or Chrome. I can also override the dumb GPU blocklist which is impossible in Firefox (which makes Youtube unusable on low end laptop). Oh and it has Adblock out of the box. And despite its quirks, I've grown to like it. I just wish they'd fix or add essential stuff like syncing of god damn search engines including all the custom keywords.

  • Great track record. I hope the new Chinese overlords can carry the tradition.