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  • Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I downloaded Opera 12.16 and it displays no images whatever. No Recaptchas, no forum icons, not even the buttons in the forum topic window that allow you to format text or add links, photos, etc. I can't even tell if i'm posting this question in the right place. I've hunted through Appearance and Settings and can't find a solution in either. I've searched the Net and not found an answer that I can read. I would be very grateful for any help with this issue, because Opera is unusable now.

  • There's a feature in Opera to hide all images. If extended shortcuts are enabled, the shortcut "Shift i" will toggle them on/off. There's also a tooblar icon to do the same thing. Try "Shift I" and see if they reappear.

    If you find such shortcuts annoying, you can edit the keyboard setup in Preferences, Shortcuts.

  • I had never enabled extended shortcuts. This lack of images was with Opera right out of installation, so I did try shift-i and nothing happened. I would be grateful for any help because I've had to migrate to another browser completely. Opera is unusable because so many options in webpages depend on icons...

  • The default setting for Show Images is 3.

    If that is set correctly, then I don't know of any other reason why your images are not being displayed.

  • Yes, Show Images in the Preferences Editor is set correctly.

    This has been an issue since the moment I upgraded Opera and I am the only person using this computer.

    I have changed no settings and no one has been near this computer to touch it.

    I am also very careful about what I allow on this computer. No porn, no spyware, no warez at all. Nothing remotely questionable because I just don't want the hassle of dealing with it. I check it regularly to see what processes run in the background. The problem is coming from Opera itself and it's very frustrating.

    Thanks, Pesala, for your attention and advice, though. And I would be grateful to hear from anyone else on this issue because if I don't fix it I'll just have to walk away from Opera, which I've been using for many years now.