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  • Why is the small speed dial forced into fresh Opera Beta (44.0.2246.121943)?
    Now I've upgraded Opera Beta 42, which runs smoothly and faster.

    Opera Beta (44.0.2246.121943) bugs:
    -Slow Web Display
    -Small Speed ​​Dial
    -Old and New App Button Graphics
    -Gray web page loading bar indicator
    -Web page scrolling freezes
    -Navigation bar over the keyboard without buttonsalt text

    I would have the idea:
    -Scalable Speed ​​Dial
    -Unity app button graphics (I like new)
    -Adjustable app animation

  • New Opera Beta (44.0.2246.121943) bugs:
    -Older web pages are badly manipulated and some of their elements (such as image uploaders) are not displayed
    -No magnifying glass for text selection
    -It detects the selections as misplaced

    For me, many of these bugs are not very smooth, I will return to Opera Beta 42.7.2246.114995.

  • @darvinya You should provide links to the websites that do not work, otherwise no one can check those "bugs" and no one knows what you are talking about.

  • @ocirnes How do I link to Opera's basic operation?

  • @darvinya

    Older web pages are badly manipulated

    Web page scrolling freezes

    Why basic operation? You can provide example sites for the issues quoted above.

  • Can't believe my eyes... Opera icon in the bottom right? Sane and slick menu this time, even better than Opera Mini's? Easily accessible data savings' on/off switch like old times? Data saving counter removed? Playing audio in the background fixed? (regression bug) What happened to you guys? Just when I was thinking about switching to FF. Stay on this road 😁 👏 👍

  • @ocirnes Ok
    Older web pages are badly manipulated
    Web page scrolling freezes

    link Mobilaréna
    In the
    New post, reply
    Desktop view

  • @darvinya and what's the problem? No scrolling issues or broken site on O43 stable and O44 beta here, neither mobile nor desktop view.

    Bild Text

    Android 7.1.2.

  • @ocirnes When I'm boarding, I'll zoom in on multiple pages and return to the full view.
    Then there is scrolling freezing.

    But Opera 43 and 44 slowness make me nervous.
    Due to the small speed dial, you can not handle one hand over a 5-inch display.

  • @darvinya I tried to reproduce the scrolling freezes, but I cannot confirm this issue at all. Maybe it is device specific, idk. I use an old Nexus 4 from 2012 with LOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) and AdAway.
    However, I agree on the speed dial size issue. The size should be customizable, in particular for phablets >5.5"

  • @ocirnes Opera Beta 42 has no web page scroll freeze.
    Opera Beta 43/44 has web page scrolling freezing, web page rendering is much slower.
    This is not a device specific error, this is a badly written program.

  • With latest beta update I can't even open a single web page, no speed dials only a blank page with a CAT... Oops message.

  • Hello, when does 44 will make it to stable version ? Nice to have adblocker separated from data saving ; now I hope you will bring back the number of data saved with data saving enabled.

  • Actually I would prefer to have both switches to the front, or as the blocking of ads goes through the data savings, only the data saving switch. Data saving switch is crucial because internet providers can't show you your remaining MBs of your data plan as long as they can't recognize you on their network, and having to do 12 actions only for that is quite annoying.

    Another problem is hotspots that require authentication every 2 hours, and having data savings on means you are behind a VPN so they won't let you re-login. Again you have to do 12 actions, when you could do only half of them...

  • Love that the adblock has been separated from the data savings, works much better now. Now if we can just get the ability to add custom lists to the adblock it will be perfect.

  • @xirit32 said in Opera Beta 44 for Android:

    Actually I would prefer to have both switches to the front,

    +1 for this suggestion. I'd like to see that, too.

  • Today I updated Opera Beta 44.0.2246.122488. There was a small fix, but:
    -It is always small speed dialers (scalability is still not included)
    -Display slower in last version 42
    -Flashing zoom in / out is still frost scrolling for a moment.
    -select / copy / paste small bug

    alt text

  • Sorry,

    This upgrade app terrible, because fals touch on webpages.
    I downgrade last Opera Beta 42.

  • 0_1511636429419_Screenshot_20171125-182249.png 0_1511636438611_Screenshot_20171125-195825.png

    Why can not the speed dial be so large?
    Or scalable?

  • Not always notified, even though the website is enabled.