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  • The following was already posted here in the forums "Since yesterday (9/30/17) very much VPN download attempts abort after one or two MB with "interrupted: network error" message. It doesn't matter if I use Opera stable or Opera dev build, but it matters to which VPN location / IP I'm connected to. Some VPN locations / IPs still work, others don't. So it's most likely a VPN server-sided update causing the problem which has been rolled out to some VPN servers (but not to all yet). It's the very same issue like the "VPN download from SSL secured servers abort" problem, but now it happens to non SSL connections too. ....This does not appear to be getting any better, however, in addition to this I am starting to see more and more issues arising in regards to the VPN within Opera, I am being told that my ISP has been banned, and I am not sure why this would be...not trying to download things when I go to my bank page, however, I can't seem to navigate there while I have the VPN active, because no matter what location, the ISP is banned....and my bank doesn't block ISP's, I can access most sites, while the VPN is off and experience no issues this, in addition to the sheer number of banned sites that I have visited here lately tell me that this is an issued with Opera.

    I do have a few odd sites however, that will not allow me access, they don't specifically state that I or my ISP has been banned, they simply do not load (I get a blank page instead of the intended website when I visit them with the VPN turned off, I have to turn it on in order to visit these sites; if I wish to download from them however, I have to shut it off, download, and turn it back on afterwards. This is a real pain in the rear-end to say the least.

    Also is there a way to refresh (and change) the displayed ISP address without the need to change locations, changing the locations is okay, but the VPN ISP addresses are always the same, they never change.

    I love OPERA, and wish to keep using it, but over the last 2 months there have been SO MANY, MANY VPN related issues, that I may be forced to start using another browser.