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Guide to Alphabetical sorting Mobile Bookmarks

  • You could sort all Bookmarks by hand. But there are smarter ways 🙂

    1 Install Opera for Windows or Opera for Linux etcetera.
    2 Create a new user account on the desktop computer, in this example we use Windows. The user account will only be used to manage Opera Mobile so that's why a brand new empty user account must be created.
    3 Log out after step 1 and 2 then log in in your special Opera only account you just made. It takes some time and Windows will e.g. say Preparing Your Account.

    4 Because of step 1 and 2 and 3, you can now start an empty Opera browser with only a few bookmarks.
    5 With Opera Desktop browser connect and synchronize with Opera bookmark account.
    6 All your Mobile Bookmarks will now appear in the bookmarks menu. Let is rest a few minutes.
    7 Shutdown all mobile devices off connected with this bookmark account it is important your phone or tablet will not interfere.

    8 Ok, on desktop go to show all Bookmarks.
    9 Right click every folder with your mouse and select 'Sort by name Alphabetically'
    10 Repeat step 9 for every sub folder in a folder you want to have in alphabetical order.

    11 Your bookmarks will look well very alphabetical sorted, but now the next step, wait 1 minute. Then close Opera Desktop, at the moment you clise Opera Desktop Opera synchronizes back all your bookmarks in alphabetical order this time.

    12 Wait 1 minute again. Once again start Opera Desktop, all Bookmarks should be alphabetical sorted, including synchronized back to your shutdown offline Mobile browsers, hence it's very important you did turn off and shutdown your phone and tablet.

    That's it, once in a while when your bookmarks are a little messy arranged, simply keep this desktop account at your PC to manage your Mobile Bookmarks. Log out your desktop after closing Ooera desktop second time. Start your Mobile devices up 1 by 1. Start opera mobile on them but not all at the same time. Your Mobile Bookmarks are now managed and made alphabetical with your desktop computer.

    Ready! Let me know below, it looks so much nicer in the way I manage my bookmarks on a desktop PC and it's simply right click on a desktop but undoable on Mobile.

    Firefox has it the same.