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I have "Download Chrome Extension" add-on, but i still can't download Chrome extensions

  • I have "Download Chrome Extension" add-on, but i still can't download Chrome extensions


    Version: 47.0.2631.80 - Opera is up to date

    Update stream: Stable

    System: Linux Mint 18.2 (x86_64; X-Cinnamon)

    I have Download Chrome Extension by Opera Software

    Version 2.3.0 is what I have.

    But I still can't download/install Chrome extensions.

    I go to Chrome Store (

    I find the extension I want.

    I click the red "Add to Opera" button.

    A pop-up message appears. It says "Unable to download extension package due the network error.

    Check your internet connection and try again"

    But I have no problems with internet connection. I've tried several Chrome extensions, and they all give the same error message. Please feel free to try it yourself.

  • No problem here. It dropped me to the extensions page after clicking "add to opera", asking be to enable the extension I just installed. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Opera 47.x on debian testing x64.

  • Still not working for me. What is wrong with my Opera?

  • I do not know, but feel free to install opera-beta or opera-developer and try it there. A more harsh solution would be to backup your favorites, uninstall opera, remove ~/.config/opera-stable, reinstall opera and start fresh.

  • i have same problem exactly. i have tried 3 versions of opera: opera stable, opera beta, opera developers

    i really want to use opera rest of my life but it doesnt possible without chrome ectensions. can someone help me please?

    opera version: 47.0.2631.80
    beta version : 48.0.2685.22
    developer version: 49.0.2711.0

    os is: linux mint 18.2 cinnamon . thanks

  • doesnt anybody know about this problem ? i saw same problem in the extension's page but not any solition. i thought that contact with the author bur i saw that the author is opear corp. 🙂 please someone give a clue

  • I just installed both opera-developer and opera-beta and the problem is there as you describe. I will file a bug report on the projects' github page.
    However, I won't risk removing and reinstalling it on opera-stable just to check, because it is my main browser for now.

  • so what is your extension version? i just want to understand that if the problem is about opera or about extension?

    if the problem is about extension, can i download the older version of this extension? or if the problem is about opera, how can i add opera's previous version? this link didnt help me.

  • Do not download the old, presto-based, opera. It is obsolete now and it does not work properly on many sites, especially ones that are on https.

    The installed extension is on version 2.3.0, which is the same on

  • so what should i do? is the only thing that waiting for the bug is fixed????

  • and i didnt meant that very old version. i can install 46 or something else if it can help

  • I have been using the new opera since version 43 was on developer channel and that is when I installed the extension for getting chrome ones.

    The problem is where will you get an old version of opera? The repo only provides opera 47 for 64bits and 45 for 32 bits, which is also what the download page will get you, whether you like it or not 😛

  • so there isnt no choise else waiting 😞

  • by the way i was able to download some extensions and some were not. i downloaded fresh start, great suspender, react developer tools, google translate etc... but i couldent download some. for example tabs is really weird :S

  • You might want to use this ext instead: In addition to it being an installer, you can also view the code with it without installing first (good to browse for http and https for possible tracking), and with CRX one can also download extensions as ZIP. Works also on Mozilla/FF addons and possible elsewhere.

  • you are my hero my friend...aplauseeeeeeeeeeeee :))) more people should know about this extension.

  • The problem is where will you get an old version of opera?

    Hi @escalepion, @jimunderscorep, the versions of old Opera on Presto engine, and versions of new Opera are available on the official ftp servers, for example: versions 11.00 to 12.16 of old Opera for Linux are placed here, the versions of new Opera stable are here. You can also find the rest of old Opera's versions archived here.

  • @rudrick said in I have "Download Chrome Extension" add-on, but i still can't download Chrome extensions:

    /FF addons and possible elsewhere.

    Thanks a lot! That extension worked perfectly!
    The extension "Download Chrome Extension" works for me but only in Windows, while in Linux (Kubuntu 16.04.3) it makes the browser crash when I try to install an addon from the Chrome Store.

  • Good news everyone!
    The extension was updated to 2.4.1 today and it is working again 🙂

    As it seems, it was a linux specific issue. Gj devs.

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