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opera 12.18: Embeded youtube videos only black space and comments won't load

  • Yes, I am still using old opera and it is working pretty good for most sites. Some bank sites and such don't work or I get unsupported browser messages. Anyway,I think I erased a user javascript I used to have and now my embedded videos just show a black space and also the comments just spin and never load. Any advice?

  • Is it using HTML5 on YouTube itself, or the Flash Player?

  • Hmm, this is weird. I am not sure if its html5 or flash because formerly I used to be able to click on settings or right click and get some clue something about flash or html5 player, Now there is no such thing. So I am not sure

  • I use a css file to stop the YouTube subscriptions list on the left hand side showing, which slowed YouTube down horribly on Opera 12, but I don't use any specific user js that does anything related to YouTube. The YouTube Center extension is the only thing that I use.
    So what happens if you right click on a playing YouTube video?

  • Nothing happens when I right click nothing happens. Do you have the oex file for the youtube center? I was gonna try it long time ago but something went wrong and I gave up on the link I had

  • The latest version of YouTube Center is here.
    Give it a try, but I don't know if it will solve your problem.
    It can no longer force the use of the Flash Player IIRC as YouTube removed that option.

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