Force media to open in Windows Media Player

  • When I click on a .wmv file on my own website, the file opens in VLC. Is there a way to force it to open in Windows Media Player? I am using Opera Version: 20.0.1387.91

    Thank you!

  • Make WMP the default player for that type of file ? If you open the same file type from your harddrive does WMP or VLC play it ? I dont see an applications page in opera that details all the plugins like the other browsers have, that would be the place you tweek that, maybe, ok i found the plugins page maybe disable the VLC plugin and the WMP takes over ? I'm just guessing though, but I'd try that

  • yes that would probably do it, disable the VLC plugin on the plugins page in Opera unless someone knows how to make any certain plugin as default for any file types.

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