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Coast Crashed, All Saved Panels GONE !

  • What would cause COAST to crash, on my iPad, with all my saved panels disappearing. It reverted to it's initial post download state.
    This is incredibly distressing. I can never feel the same about this buggy app again. Why doesn't it have a REAL history mechanism.

  • We're sorry this happened but might be able to recover the sites that you saved. We'll contact you separately with information on how to do this.

    The Coast team is continuously working on improving the stability of that app and making sure that you will never lose your sites if an unexpected crash happens. We appreciate the bug report that you filed separately.


  • That would be appreciated, GREATLY.
    I have tried nearly EVERY browser for iPad, and Coast is by far the best; BUT, having it just go poof like that with no seeming built in mechanism for restoration is absurd. And to be fair, I did NOT have that many panels up. Many of the original stock panels had been disregarded, in favor of perhaps
    a dozen or so newer panels. But instead of a more conventional browser format Coast, in it's favor have a very clean, unique interface, absolutely well designed to work in a touch centric environment. But some of the lost panels were links to information saved over months, from Twitter links, other web searches, etc.
    How could one possible have the faith to rely on Coast, except for the most generic, dim wited use ever again.
    I appreciate you looking into this but please understand my skepticism. Trust in an app is essential. As well, the overall faq's on Coast usage are not very comprehensive. For the browser, and cloud experience to be dependable, Coast needs some serious upgrading.
    Thank you,
    R, Maiman

  • I accidentally deleted Coast from my Ipad today (I was just trying to close it out), but was happy when I re-downloadd it from the app store, how all the tiles quickly showed up. Bravo! Now i did lose the wallpaper I had saved with it, but that's easy enough to set up again from the photos part of my ipad.

  • My coast seems to have crashed as well, because all of my saved panels and history are gone. How do I recover my saved panels?

  • This has happened several times to me too, most recently yesterday: VERY disappointing!! Is there a way to restore lost panels? If so, Please contact me! Thank you!

  • This has also happened to me several times, but the last time was yesterday after the latest upgrade. After opening Coast, I was met with a black screen and no sites! It appears that after a long period of stability, every setting was wiped as even my background photo was gone. I too, would like the procedure to restore my collected sites, if possible. My sites are indeed a collect that I have accumulated and categorized over some time. The ability to easily do this with Coast is a huge benefit. Coast is so superior to Safari that I find myself lost when I am forced to open it by the OS for a link.

    I think there should be an easy way to restore sites and settings and to make them portable across devices. With the availability of Dropbox (et al) and iCloud, this should be fairly straightforward feature to code. I noticed I do have a backup of some Coast data in my iCloud backup and hopefully it can be of use to restore my sites. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • This is the second time this has happened to me please help. Can you contact me with instructions on how to restore saved