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How do you change the background color of the tab bar?

  • I'm new to Opera and comparing it to other browsers that I have used but there is one particular item which bothers me. On the top of a window just below the Menu Bar, Opera lists the open websites in tabs. It is easy to see the focused or front most tab and its name that I am using but the other tabs disappear into the black background. I have looked all through the preferences and many extensions but I cannot find any way to change the black color background to something else so I can see the other tabs and what they are. I could live with the black background if I could color the tabs to make them visible but I guess no one has written an extension for that either. I'm thinking of a Firefox extension called Colorful Tabs which not only colors tabs it allows you to select colors for tabs based on domain name.

    So, my question is how can I make all the tabs in the tab bar visible so I know what they are about? Thanks,


  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. The Windows version of Opera has a feature in Settings > Browser > Show system color on top bar (, but this is not the case for Mac; probably because the dock and menu bar do not have as much customization. I would however love a feature to change the color to the tab bar, because it creates more contrast. That, and a menu button like in Windows, I think Opera would be golden.

    So you are new to Opera. The major reason why I prefer this browser over all others is because I feel it has the best organization. All the managers are right on the side of the speed dial (customize your start page to show all), and the Bookmarks manager comes very handy rather than to have them all in folders on your Bookmarks bar.

  • Thanks for respond to me. It's too bad the various platforms for Opera are not in sync. Somehow on a Mac, Opera manages to put the tabs on the window's primary bar replacing the URL and doesn’t make it its own toolbar. I suppose they are trying to minimize the extraneous parts of a window giving more real estate to the actual website. I have the luxury of a 27" monitor and real estate isn't a problem. I especially like the current macOS ability to have side by side windows with two separate applications side by side each one being active at the same time. Being able to customize windows like you can in Windows has always been a major lacking in the macOS. Oh well, lol.

    I'm trying out Opera since I am tired of the crashing and slowness of Firefox and tired of the simplicity of Safari meaning there are many things that can't be done with it. Customizing Firefox is its strength and I think I have so many extensions loaded and then keep too many windows open with tons of tabs which causes problems. I often have 3-4 windows with a total of 35-40 tabs opened. I am pushing Firefox's ability, I know.

    Oh well, all of this belongs in a different section of this forum. Thanks again and all you extension writers, make a ColorfulTabs like extension. Can that be done?

  • Eureka! I just finished installing the new macOS 10.13 Beta (17A315i) and upon rebooting, the background of the Opera Tab Bar is now gray and I can see all the tabs. I hope this is not a bug which will be changed back to black later.


  • You seem to be talking about the dark theme versus the light theme in Opera. I also found that the dark theme does not have enough contrast between text and background. If it did, I would be using it.

  • @jamesinsandiego; enjoy the grey background while you can. i am on the 17A352a beta and it's back to black (totally disgruntled). i hate the black background. which is why i am back to firefox, where all i have to worry about is too many extensions, and too many tabs. whittling them down now.

  • I'm on (17A362a) and saw the black tab bar for the first time. I enabled the dark theme, but then after disabling it the tab bar went grey again.