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Opera doesn't load pages correctly after resume from Windows Hibernation

  • As the topic says, Opera does not load any page in any open tab after my computer has been resumed from hibernation.
    Instead a white box is displayed at the top-left corner of each tab while the tab remains transparent and shows a blurred picture of my desktop. See screenshot below.

    I don't see any bug report, neither in the menus of Opera itself, nor in this forum, so I just posted it here and maybe some developer throws an eye on this.

  • I am experiencing exactly the same problem. I am on Opera 46.0.2597.57, which is supposed to be up to date, under Windows 7 64-bit. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Someone else seems to have reported the same thing back in May,, a thread which has been closed and erroneously marked "Solved." It doesn't happen all the time; it usually only happens in one of several Opera windows I have open. I always have to reopen all the tabs in that window in another window--the problem is associated with the window, not with the Websites, because opening other sites in the "transparent" window produces the same effect.

    Please help, someone! Opera is becoming less and less useful as a result.

  • Well, celadyn, guess it's just you and me. Except I don't think it can possibly be. Either nobody else thinks it matters, or everybody just EXPECTS Opera to be nonfunctional in some way these days.

  • It just happened again this morning, after not happening for awhile. I had 3 Opera windows open when I hibernated the computer (Windows 7 64-bit) last night. When I woke it back up, one of them (with 17 open tabs) had this strange phenomenon with all the page-display space replaced with a semi-transparent bluish area. Interestingly, if I hovered the mouse over a tab, the preview popup displayed just fine, so it's not that the data weren't available. It's some kind of display issue when recovering from hibernation.

  • Well, this morning it happened again, this time with two windows, the one with 17 tabs and another with a mere 5 tabs. Again, happens when I first wake up the computer after overnight hibernation. Of course since it's only happening to 2 or 3 of us on the face of the earth, I don't expect there's any reason to look forward to a fix. 😕 Seriously, if it's still there in the next update, it'll be time to say a vexed goodbye (after maybe 30 years) and take a look at Firefox.