Command plus F takes to fullscreen

  • Hi
    I am new to Opera. I am currently using Opera version 46.0.2597.32 (upto date) on Macbook OS Sierra 10.12.5
    I face this strange issue that Command plus F takes me first to fullscreen. Then if you press command plus second time, it presents you the 'find/search' bar(box).
    But when I went to the keyboard shortcuts section of preferences, the keys were configured by this by default:

    CTRL+Command+F = Toggle full screen
    Command+F = Find

    Interestingly, in the view menu, it says Command+F = Fullscreen

    After that I searched in the online forums as well and found that Command+F is indeed search.
    Please help me figure this out.


  • In my view menu, Full Screen is marked with caret+Cmd+F. The caret is the symbol for Control key.

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