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Desktop notification is not workimg correctly

  • Hello, I am new opera user.

    My web notification is not working correctly, I turn it on for twitter, then it is all working good, as long as I am in the same session, once I merely close opera and open it again, desktop notification is not working. until I turn it off and turn it back on again, and so on.

    I checked the settings, twitter is set to allow, other desktop notification is working just fine.
    it is not practical, to turn it off and on every time I open opera.

    If anyone got an idea, I would be greatffull

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Welcome to Opera's forums @Omargomaa95!

    You may try disabling the notification, then deleting site Cookies and cleaning Cache (search them in Settings search box), and enable it again.

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  • It didn't work.

    it only work if I am in the same session, once I close Opera and reopen it again, it doesn't work.

  • If you are on Windows 10, you may want to ensure to have a fully up to date Windows. I have also had problems with desktop notifications, and it started to work properly after the big update to Windows.

  • I have Auto-update turned one + Windows just got updated last night,but no Luck.

    no tweaks or suggestion to make it work?

  • Do you have multiple monitors? Have you tried disabling Opera’s hardware acceleration to see if it has any relation to GPU?

  • No multiple monitors, and I have read about the hardware acceleration thing, have disabled, but still nothing.

    It is working only at the moment I enable it, but after I close Opera and reopen it (even without restarting windows), it is gone, that's my issue here.

  • Try using the Test profile from my signature or go to FAQ and create a "Clean profile" to check what happens there.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Aniversary Update
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Test profile | Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • This is Windows 10 thing is very frustating, each point updated rolled by Microsoft many changes always happened

  • @omargomaa95 Sorry, mate. I am out of ideas what it could be. I did forget to mention that we are on CBB (Current Branch for Business), so a more recent update to Windows 10 might have broken things again.

  • Thanks you for all your ideas.

    I tried almost everything, I guess I will have to turn -Twitter Notification- off and back on every time I Open Opera.

    That's a workaround for now, may do a format later to see if it is windows related.

    Thanks again guys.