[Solved]Opera mail mailTo compose command line argument parameter

  • Hello again!
    Can you tell me please what I should use cmd parameter to start operamail.exe in compose message mode?
    And another, is that possible to start operamailPortable.exe with this parameter to passing it to operamail.exe??
    I tryed but have no success. Opera mail (portable and standalone) have no reaction on my paremeters and always start as usual.

  • You can try:

    operamail.exe "mailto:"

    It might be enough.

    If not, try:

    operamail.exe "mailto:?to=&subject=&body=&cc=&bcc="
  • You great, you know everything!!!
    Thx you, all both works! And operamailPortable.exe with "mailto:" passes this to operamail.exe

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