Internet Connections: Types, ISPs, Speeds, and Prices

  • Now will you be happy with this thread, Leo? 😉

    Discussing everything Internet-providing-wise.
    Sharing if you like, trouble and speeds, packages/plans, quirks, problems if happening.

    Myself, having started with a USB modem (PC, not counting yonder cellphone browsing), have changed three providers since.

    They say, worldwise Internet might be rather expensive, and I did see the prices-packages which kinda "inspired" me to stay in Russia for now: according to the data, the RF provides the cheapest Internet in the whole World, and it shocks me how much some people abroad pay whilst their packages provide only limited amount of data - instead of what people tend to be having here in Russia.
    It is NORM to acquire an unlimited package plan here - on a wire (optic), while paying less than like 30 dollars a month...
    What are your prices? Are they disappointing there?

    Well, I pay less than $10/month with normal speed of 20Mb/s. I know some here shared stuff and mentioned having limits, least they're deprived of speed after some amount consumed. Which is awful!
    We don't usually experience limits if connected via fibre-optics here. I don't know if other, less advanced types of cable are still around though and how it goes that way, if it's there; I could guess if any, the only restriction might be the top speed, right?

    So, having some trouble recent month, perhaps some hardware regionwise like that, the things seem to have come to normal. I hope so...
    My ISP informed me I've got the 20/20 package. Which is sufficient having only a single device connected; though I signed having in mind to possibly extend to two or three (tops), measuring the speed limits considering the ceiling when using a certain videohosting service, which used to top at about 8Mb/s download-wise.
    Now I just measured my connection with this, the down speed is as promised, but the up one is much higher - it actually routed through one of my previous ISP's servers, which might or might not be thought of considering funny: my treaty with this provider is kept viable with even the cable having not been disconnected - aside from my current Internet service, I'm also paying a small monthly fee to keep that other one on hold, just in case.

    So here it is now: Speed '17.06.11

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