Why bookmarks are so clunky?

  • Ok, we all have to admit that bookmarks in Opera are super clunky, probably due to promote 'speed dail' function... which is bad as well. Don't get me wrong - it looks nice, tiles are super cool, but browsing internet with it? No, thanks. I don't want to create new tab, just so i can choose and create another tab, c'mon.
    Bookmarks bar is solution here, but i feel it's kinda... made bad. It's so bold compared to other parts of browser, there is no 'other bookmarks' folder, maybe somewhere on the right (just like in Chrome, they did the job done).

    I have only few bookmarks, rest of them are in folder. Just think how cool it would be to move them next to the address bar. I'm really looking forward to see it. It was nice feature years ago in firefox, but they went full retarded at some point.

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