How to get image properties in Opera 20

  • Hello,

    In Opera 12.x it was easy. Just clicking a right mouse button over the image and choosing "Image properties" from the displayed menu. Then it shows the image resolution, its size and other information. There's no such option in Opera 20. How to check image properties on the website using Opera 20 (apart from saving it to your hard drive of course).


  • Install Extension for Download chrome extension:

    and install: Image properties Contextmenu:

  • This extension is only supported in Opera 11 and 12. If you don't know for sure, don't mislead people.

  • Sorry ! Correct url

  • If you don't know for sure, don't mislead people.

    Thanx for blaming on me! is that your reaction on my help? Next time you search yourself the correct extensions.


  • Thanks. It works.

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