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Adobe Flash Player....Opera Next 15.0 does not auto start embedded flash video.

  • Can not get adobe flash player 11 current update, to load embedded video. to start automatically on a web page that i go to. I must click the grey box on all video links to start them. How do i make them start automatically?

    Old version of opera had a fix for this in the settings. None in the current opera.

    2. Why is opera so slow. In fetching web pages. Sometime if just lags for every.

    Try to fix this. I have been a opera user for years on end. I am extrememly disappointed in this current version

  • I too have this same annoying issue.

    Youtube and other webpages with flashplayers on them used to start automatically. Now even in Settings-Webpages and put it on Recommended which is Autostart, it just WONT start on its own.

    Opera, sorry but this Opera 15 and based on Chrome is a huge let down, not to mention no longer a in-browser email system. Looks like I might as well just go use Chrome again.

    Only issue I had with Opera 12, was its incompatibility with webpages I often look at, and javascript pages didnt work properly.
    But now in Opera 15, these issues are fixed, but the new ones are more annoying.

  • I had this issue as well and experimented a little. Found out that it's just the Off-Road mode causing the problem... :p

  • i had this issue as well my problem was turbo was on and blocking the flash players,i turned it off and they started to play automatically

  • Use Opera 22 and disable Opera Turbo.