[Solved]Flash not working on BBC website

  • Windows 8 - 64Bit, Opera 45.02555.812(PGO)

    Just updated to latest Flash and now Flash isn't working. Was previously (but had become out of date).
    And I cannot see, on the latest version of Opera, how to access the Add On control menus as with all previous versions.

    Anyone have a solution?


  • It's not as straightforward as I thought. It IS working, but not on the BBC website. Here if I click on an animated icon (showing a play arrow) nothing happens. With an article that presumably contains a playable image I see no play sign, clicking has no effect and it just looks like a static (but slightly blurry) picture.

  • Sorry about repeat but I seem to be having Internet connection problems as well today.

  • Solved already!

    Solution seen elsewhere on this site, thanks. Adblocking is the source of the problem, for some reason. So, for BBC site simply put www.bbc.co.uk on Opera's Ad Block exception list in Settings/Basic.

    Normal service has been resumed. (For now...)

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