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Have bookmarks bar only show in newtab like Chrome?

  • I had a terrible time with Chrome last month, logging me out of sites, crashing my computer and now I can't even import my passwords back in, so I'm trialling Opera. I too miss the feature where the bookmarks bar is shown only in the new tab page.

  • I agree ... let's get it done! Thank you in advance!

  • I agree.

  • Chrome crashed my computer as I opened it this morning, but at least they get back to you on the forums! I would like to change the setting on Opera so that the bookmarks only show in a new tab or the new tab automatically opens with bookmarks showing. Thank you.

  • When is this going to be implemented?? For one migrating from chrome it is very very distracting to see horizontal list of bookmarks. I always open links from bookmark bar on newly created tab. For now I have disabled to show bookmark bar.

  • @surajkrstha We don't even if it will be implemented.

  • One workaround that I've used off-and-on is simply to do this: open the Bookmarks tab by pressing Ctrl-Shift-B or the appropriate sidebar icon

    This takes one click just as clicking the New Tab (+) button in the tab bar.

    Either way, your Bookmarks are readily available to choose from. I prefer the Bookmarks tab over a new page with speed dials if I want to access any number of bookmarks that are not in my speed dial page because now I can type in a search for the appropriate bookmark at this point, also.

    There are certain bookmarks that I access most simply by typing the first few letters of the url for it; almost always what I'm searching for comes up immediately.

    All that said, if Opera offered the same behavior as the requestor/starter of this thread said, it would be a welcome addition to Opera.

    Carry on. 🙂

  • This is badly needed! KB shortcut is not enough - needs visual on/off ticker/button OR option to auto-open for new tabs or auto hover on/off when cursor reaches&stays a moment on bottom edge of top gui.

  • One could just open the Bookmarks page/tab again by pressing Ctrl-Shift-B and then pin that tab. That way, bookmarks are easily accessible; in fact, pressing Ctrl-Shift-B again will take you right back to that pinned bookmark page/tab.

  • Better yet: Reborn sidebar could do what sidebars usually do.

    We want to open panels from the sidebar, such as bookmarks, history, DLs, perhaps news too.

    Also web panels. Or at least one (1) web panel 😃 c'mon please.

    It's true that the heart menu is on the right side while Reborn sidebar is on left side.

    Perhaps right side also needs a "bar" 😃 😃 😃 aka MENU!!! I can't believe this there actually isn't a sidebar in Opera.

    Well there is: sidebar is for social media giant companies like FB and VK. Your sidebar was sold to them.

    For everything else is just a href menu 😃

  • my workaround opera://settings/keyboardShortcuts scroll down to show bookmarks bar i use b

  • 2 freaking years and literally NO progress 😕

  • Suggestions/Request always have a 50% chance of being rejected. And a 50% one of being accepted.

  • I need this...

  • Need...

  • Almost 2020. Opera should add this simple feature: bookmarks only in Speed Dial

  • It is 2020, and show bookmarks only in Speed Dial is not here yet. 🙂 It would be quite an usefull feature.

  • We are same at this

  • Need this too please 🙏