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12.16/win 8.1, 64bit, lose ability to enter text (aside from space and backspace) in browser windows

  • My browser has started acting strangely. I can't enter text in windows, search bars, etc.. aside from space and backspace. I'm using a different browser to type this. If I remove/reinstall, I have functionality until the next boot, then I can't type again. Very perplexing. Ive tried removing all private data in case it's some kind of cached setting and completely deleting the install folder, no success. I really really REALLY don't want to switch to a different browser, but I'm tired of uninstalling/reinstalling. Any assistance would be appreciated (aside from telling me to upgrade to the newest version, I'm on this one for a reason).

  • Perhaps try downgrading to 12.14, or an earlier version. It's possible a bug was introduced in the latest patch that's causing your trouble. It's also possible some other program on your computer is causing interference (more likely this, but try downgrading first).

  • What OS, and are you installing Opera for multiple user accounts?

    Are you using any add-ons/extensions with Opera? If so, try either shutting them down or removing them.

    Also, when you reinstall, have you tried installing into a different-named folder than the earlier installations were put into (eg, not "*\opera" but instead something like *\opera1216)? When Opera is installed into a folder, it immediately looks for left-behind files from earlier installations in that folder and auto-imports them, if any are present (along with any file corruption they may contain). Even if you "delete the install folder" but have separate user accounts, their similar-named user folders (located under AppData or ApplicationData) will remain to possibly corrupt a new install if made into that same previous folder name.