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Constant Requests to Sign In

  • I can't figure this out, but posting in the Opera forum from Coast is difficult, because I constantly seem to have to log back in. I go to another application, go back to Coast, which I hadn't closed, and I have to sign in again. Sigh.

    This problem doesn't seem to be present with other browsers -- at least, I tired Puffin this morning and my login and password holds. Is there some setting in Coast that I need to fix or is there just a general password manager issue with it. Do others have the same problem.

  • I mentioned this is the Wishlist features for Coast thread, and Axelremain mentioned there that it was probably a bug. I must have forgotten where I put the concern and did it twice, so this thread could be closed.

  • It's here. Have you filed the bug report as suggested?

  • It's been operating a little better so I'm going to hold off. Now I do get directed to the sign in page, but my user name and password are there so all I have to do is press enter. That's more reasonable.

  • But the problem is still there. 😛

    Lem, if you're able to fill the bug report providing the steps to reproduce correctly and they manage to fix this issue you won't be helping only yourself but all the other users will also benefit. Think about it...

  • Hmmmm. What I'm trying to do is get a sense of what I may be doing to cause being sent back to that login page. If it makes no sense, it's a bug. But if I can't explain it to Opera in the bug report -- exactly when I'm sent back to the page, or if it happens crazily or randomly -- I help no-one.

    Maybe somehow with Coast, I'm clearing cache when I go back to settings and say empty the Coast browser on exiting. When I clear cache, it still has my address and password, but I have to log in again. Or when I swipe the tabs closed, it loses the login. The problem with Coast is it's hard for me to understand on this issue how it's supposed to operate.

    Also, I'm trying to identify if I'm sent back to the login page at other times. I think so, but sometimes I'm operating it in a haze because I'm forcusing on other things. At least it helps that Coast supplies my username and password at the login page. Opera is very busy 🙂 trying to satisfy all of the complainers in the forum (smile) and I don't want to waste their time, unless I think I can help them.