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Opera 20 Bookmarks: How to search and re-order? How to re-define tabs on the bookmark bar?

  • I've been using Opera since 1999 and I have over 3000 bookmarks. My work involves large amounts of research so I need to search and re-order my bookmarks frequently. I recently switched to Opera 20 so I read the forum discussions on bookmarks but they focus on how to import or view them, rather than on how to use them. So, how can one actually use the bookmarks in Opera 20?

    Problem 1: I imported my bookmarks to Opera 20 from Opera 12 by using Opera Link ( It shows me list of the root directory, which for me is 34 directories. I can indeed click on any of them and drill down, however, I cannot do a search or re-order them. Since I have over 3000 bookmarks I cannot remember all of them, so a means of quickly finding keywords is essential. How can I perform a search or re-order?

    Problem 2: On the Opera 20 bookmark bar I see a handful of tabs which were defined in the Opera 12 bookmark manager by right-clicking on a folder and checking the Show On Bookmarks Bar box. With Opera 20 I have inherited the bookmark bar from Opera 12, but I cannot determine how to change them. How can I edit the bookmarks bar using the folders in Opera Link?

    Perhaps the answer is to use an extension, and if so, what do you recommend?


  • For search: the extension Bookmark Search (Chrome store). Usage: in address bar, type bm searchtext

  • You can add all folders to the Bookmarks Bar using the Bookmarks Importer.

    Right-click on a folder to rename it — short names will allow more top level folders to fit.

    Right-click on a folder to sort in alphabetically. There's no undo and no other sorting options like in Opera 12 or earlier.

    Drag and drop of folders works well enough for organising a thousand bookmarks. Three thousand might be a bit laborious. I would (and do) just use Opera 12.16, which is much more versatile.

  • You can sort within folders on the bar. Click on the folder and move entries up and down by drag and drop.