WhatsApp Notification problem

  • Two issues with the latest Dev Build and WhatsApp.

    1 If I close Opera and open it again, I always have to load the WhatsApp sidebar app to make it work again. I'm not getting any messages otherwise.

    2 The notifications setting doesn't stay. It always prompts me to enable notifications and when I do I see a pop-up open with some kind of confirmation but it closes right away so I can not do anything. After a while WhatsApp says I should enable notifications again.

  • Sorry for the font size, it did some auto formatting.

    To add to the topic, notifications don't show at all for WhatsApp.

  • Bumping! It's kind of annoying, but I don't know if Opera can do anything by themselves or it's a problem of WhatsApp web integration.

  • Well it could be, safety in mind, good to relogin to the messaging services if browser is quit.

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