Error after Windows Updates - Can't open user profile directory

  • I have had this problem twice now with last two updates for Windows 7 and researching the Opera Forums I found one solution that WORKS, and improvised to find another.

    OPTION 1 - The first is using the Windows Safe mode, this definitely works jut you loose browser history.

    • Press Windows Key + r
    • msconfig
    • Go to boot and select safe mode (After your PC restarts it will be in Safe Mode)
    • Open Opera
    • Clear Browsing history
    • Use steps 1 to 2 to open msconfig
    • Unselect Safe mode and restart

    OPTION 2 - WebData
    The second I stumbled upon while looking for alternatives, so I have typed it up as a Blog post so I can update and improve over the next few days if I get problems when updating the other PC's (windows 7 and 10) in our office....
    (Fingers crossed thats a NO...)

    The blog post is at

    Hope this helps ..

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