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Opera mini Offline pages/Saved pages in general folder

  • It has been a lot of time of removing this feature but it is very useful till today.

    Saving Saved pages (or so called offline pages) in sdcard or phone storage instead of storing it in data storage.

    Still today many people (like me) use opera mini to save their data bcoz wifi is not available easily, secondly mobile data is still expensive. So time and again(in my case most of time) we use opera mini to browse web and sometimes we get interesting pages or useful pages which we save for offline use or to read later on free time.
    For all this its ok but with the time there are hundreds of saved pages on our phone.

    The real problem arises when we clear data of opera mini from settings>apps then we loose all our saved pages.

    When we uninstall opera mini and reinstall it, all our saved pages gets lost.

    When we factory reset our phone then also same problem

    Also saving pages in data storage of app eats up internal storage (which in my case is very less), which makes me unable to install other apps due to lack of internal storage.

    [For bookmarks there is no problem as we can sync with opera account]

    No loss of saved page during clearance on data, uninstalling and reinstalling of app, factory reset.

    Also no more consumption of lot of interal data storage.

    Can to transferred to laptop when more space is required for some necessary task and again can be saved on sdcard in same specific folder after freeing storage space.

    Also can be saved on new device from the old one (if screen size and resolution maches) without any issue.

    If still not clear ....

    Previously on java version and on old version of android (7.6.4) this option was there but after that when when ui was redigned and package name was changed years ago this was removed and until now not implemented again .
    Saving pages to specific folder (available for user to modify) will be helpful for a lot of people.

    And what may be the reason behind not doing this?

    If for security purposes then people who will have access to opera mini can read my saved pages either saved in internal data storage or sdcard or phone storage.
    (If u think some one will copy saved pages if available on sdcard and save to their​ phone and read my personal Information then let me remind u that if he/she gets access to my storage then he/she will get much more important information from storage than those saved pages)

  • I don't think Opera Mini developers are willing to add this feature. "Saved Pages Backup & Restore" feature is really helpful.
    People like us, who saved more than hundred of pages are suffering from this..
    Also "Website to PDF" feature is also needed.
    Whatever, Now I try to keep less saved pages.
    Better be, I should use UC Browser instead.