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Opera reloads the page when downloading files from certain web sites

  • Hello everyone

    For the past month or so I've been having the following problem with Opera. I'm using the latest version of Opera, on Windows 7.

    When I download a file from Gmail, Opera does allow me to download/save the file (once!), but it also reloads the browser window. The reason why this is a problem is because Gmail then loses it's search position. For example, if I perform a search in Gmail for all mails from person X, then I view one mail, and then click the "next mail" button to view the next mail from person X. But if I (or Opera) reload the page, then "next mail" no longer works, and I get returned to Gmail's inbox. This means that when I download attachments in Gmail, I have to re-perform the search every time (and remember my previous position), because Opera keeps reloading the page that I download the attachment from.

    I have a similar reloading problem on another web site where I often download files (it's a confidential URL, sorry). As soon as I click the download link, Opera attempts to reload the page. Fortunately, that web site has a feature that I used to consider annoying, namely it asks "are you sure" if I want to navigate away from the page, so if I select "no", then Opera stops trying to reload the page that time. However, I'm now unable to upload any files to that site (as soon as I initiate the upload process, Opera reloads the page, and the upload is cancelled by the site), and so for the past 3 weeks I've been using Firefox whenever I needed to upload files to that site.

    (There is an additional problem that I'm not sure is related to this: I can only download a file once. This happens on all web sites. If I click a link to e.g. a DOC file, but I cancel the download dialog, then if I click the link again, Opera doesn't present me with a download dialog anymore. Or if I download a file, and then try to download the same file a second time, Opera doesn't download the file. UNLESS I reload the page. Then Opera does allow me to download the file again.)

    Any idea how to solve this problem? It has gotten so bad that I'm forced to use another browser for many of my tasks.